Frequently Asked Questions

How are male and female versions different?

The TrueClr M version is for male evacuation and is fifteen (15) inches of mercury. The TrueClr M+ is for on demand evacuation and for wheelchair bound individuals. The TrueClr F (for females) functions with a medical aspirator and the suction is eighteen (18) inches of mercury — adjust aspirator pressure to maximum level- not to exceed 25 mm Hg.

How large is the collection system?

The aspirator collects 1200cc. (compact Vacu-Aide suction unit collects 800cc)

Is the aspirator easy to use?

The aspirator has an easy-to-read mm Hg graph gauge, which helps patients and caregivers provide precise measurements of the vacuum.

What maintenance is required for the system?

TrueClr is recommended for a single user. After each use, apply suggested antibacterial spray and /or wash with soap and water.

Can I reuse the TrueClr catheter?

TrueClr is recommended for a single user only and can be reused for a maximum of 30 days in a home setting and 15 days in a hospital setting.

Does the TrueClr catheter qualify for Medicare reimbursement?

Yes. The TrueClr external catheter is covered by Medicare and qualifies for reimbursement.