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TrueClr IF: Infant Female Case of 10

TrueClr IF: Infant Female Case of 10

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TrueClr IF -  (Infant Female) Device: The TrueClr IF is for pediatric girls from five pounds and up.  It will actively empty the bladder on demand.

Intended Use: The TrueClr IF -  (Infant Female) external catheter is designed for a non-invasive, non-adhesive attachment to the pediatric female urethra.  The incidence of infant CAUTIs is much greater than in the adult population due to an immature immune system and the length of use of traditional Foley catheters.  The TrueClr IF   -  (Infant Female) is a superior alternative.

Tabletop Aspirator: Gomco Model 405 - Suction Pump – for use with any urinary collection apparatus (UCA) TrueClr M+, TrueClr M, TrueClr F, TrueClr  IM, TrueClr IF 

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