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Tabletop Aspirator: Gomco Model 405 - Suction Pump

Tabletop Aspirator: Gomco Model 405 - Suction Pump

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AC-powered tabletop unit, lightweight, designed for daily use with our UCA. The Gomco Tabletop Medical Suction Aspirator is designed for higher performance general suction use, from emergency room to recovery room, outpatient and private home care.


  • The Gomco 405 is a general use tabletop aspirator generating up to 635 mm Hg of vacuum pressure and 40 lpm of flow rate at open flow. It comes with 3 disposable hydrophobic bacteria filters.
  • Powerful rotary vane pump.
  • Easy to store, the 405 takes up less than one square foot of space.
  • Self-contained unit provides protection against pump and gauge contamination, and allows for easy clean-up.
  • Low maintenance requirements.
  • Disposable hydrophobic bacteria filter helps prevent fluid and aerosol contamination.
  • The suction system includes a gauge and suction regulating valve that will create up to 25" Hg vacuum.
  • This unit is UL/ULC listed and includes a hospital grade plug.
    Vacuum Range: 0-25 in Hg, 0-635 mm Hg
    Flow Rate: 40 lpm
    Carbon Rotary Vane Compressor.
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